Boilers repair safety issue

4579317995_0a10f0960b_bIncorrect burning of the gas can produce carbon monoxide, extremely toxic and lethal gas, this can occur for some reasons, among them:

-Presence of dirt and debris in the equipment burner assembly

Failure to regulate the intake of air and fuel gas in adequate pre-firing ratio;

These factors are the responsibility of the residents, who are responsible for keeping the gas equipment burning devices always clean and well regulated, and then prevent bigger issues. In order to provide this maintenance, you will need the  help of a technician specialized in residential central heating and gas system, like - , that offer safety services, with quality and agility, to quickly, fix any boiler problem.

2888562100_22312f95d8_bThe results compensate fully, since, in addition to greater safety for residents, they generate long-term savings, because perfect combustion results in better gas utilization and maximum useful heat generation in the equipment. In summary, what is spent on preventive maintenance, in this case, returns later in the form of gas savings.

For a better understanding, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that mixes easily with atmospheric air and can return to the installation site of gas equipment with a burn-in deficiency and the elimination of hot gases resulting from the combustion of the gas . The absence of smell and color of tools-1209300_960_720carbon monoxide prevents its presence in a given environment.

Excessive concentration of carbon monoxide, generated by imperfect burning gas equipment, in an environment with closed doors and windows, can quickly lead to headache, dizziness, loss and loss of consciousness, fainting, and choking death In a person or domestic animal that inadvertently enters and stays there for a few moments.

For these reasons, the repair of the boiler and above all a security measure for the whole family.