Construction in mountain style


The history of the mountain style

The appearance of the characteristic mountain style said since the nineteenth century, the wooden houses were built, such as huts and villas. Initially it was a development from the hut of the harsh conditions, the richly decorated villas. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a return to a more original style; this is a trend which to this day is very popular not only among the highlanders.

Building material

Houses in the mountain style are built of wood; they dominate in this respect, fir and spruce. Traditional preparation of wood makes it does not require impregnation and yet it is a long-term and even long-lived building material. The building houses for their insulation are also used moss, mineral wool or polystyrene.

The dominant of mountain style

The mountain style, as already mentioned is dominated by wood, which are made of amphibians building walls of buildings whose roofs are covered with the wooden shingles. The sloping roofs protect the house from thick layers of snow, which could break down the roof. Houses Highlanders are equipped with a high foundation stone, which results from the conditions of the terrain. Many of these homes are balconies, terraces and verandas.