How do Poles live?


Trends in interior arrangements among Poles

At the outset of this discussion of how Poles live is worth noting that the market for interior design in our country for several years, one can observe a significant increase in interest in this type of services. It ceases to be a luxury only available to the richest, and is becoming the norm among the middle class.

Scandinavian style and of glamour

Currently in vogue are these two opposite styles to each other, on the one hand, some of us like raw design with the dominance of whites and blues, the other is also a large group wants to have a cozy the apartment, full of fabrics, candles and flash.

Poles appreciate functionality

Most of us do not agree on a solution in the interior design, which would hamper daily functioning at home. We prefer to choose a less glamorous for it in everyday life much more convenient solution.

Trends 2016

Those arranging the house in 2016 certainly pay attention to the kitchen cabinets; floor cabinets are in fact available in a different color than hanging. Bathrooms in this year will be arranged as lounges, to be spacious, warm and cozy.