Kashubian Construction


Header, heather and porch

Kashubian Construction next Kurpia and mountain is one of the better-known, because with many distinguishing features. The style of these appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, when it began to appear mixed structures, using not only wood, built on the so-called header.

The skeleton of the house was made of wooden poles and beams, which were filled with clay or brick. Foundations made of loose stones and huge field stones dug into at the corners of the houses, which lay the foundations. Roofs of houses were usually pitched, performed them with straw, reed or heather mounted on top of the goats.

In homes Kashubian which extremely Slavic, you can also be found in the top of the porch of the building, based on the pillar. It was a place where we relax after work and spends time on Sunday afternoons.

The floor of the hut was frequently beaten clay, with the exception of the floor in the hallway, which was often paved or brick.