Krakow, which is a journey through the history of architecture

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in the Polish territory, and because the turmoil of history came around him as gentle, is also the former Polish capital, you can find numerous styles of architecture.

Middle Ages

To look at the truly medieval monuments, the Krakow visits the Cistercian abbey in Mogila, buildings Collegium Maius in the Old Town or the Barbican.


The best examples of Renaissance architecture are the cloisters of the Wawel royal chambers, the appearance of the cloth also rebuilt in the Renaissance style and the Chapel Myszkowski’s.


To find this architectural style in Krakow should go to the church of St. Peter and Paul and St. Anne.

XVIII century classical architecture can be found in the palaces of Wodzicki the Main Square and on the street St. John.


Are buildings of the Society of Friends of Fine Arts "Art Palace" building of the Old Theatre and the interior of pastry Jan Michalik.


Among the buildings of the modernist styles mention should be made of all the buildings of the Academy of Science - Technology and Jagiellonian Library.