Kurpian Construction


And everything guilty "śparogi", i.e. architecture of Kurpie

The Kurpie cottages, built in a way that differs significantly from other parts of the Polish, mainly location of the cottage in relation to the road. In this region of Polish homes built to the side of the road. Sideways, the gabled roof was completed decorative “śparogi’s”, or decorative element, which could take various forms of geometric solids, the ram horns and animal's head to the shape of an ax. In connection with the location of the front entrance gates were near the houses, and behind them were beginning to flower gardens. For the construction of Kurpie they used primarily pine and spruce.

Buildings and houses in Kurpie was always the four:

  • Small chamber - used as a kitchen

  • Large Chamber - has played a role showroom

  • Hall

  • Alcove - this has generally accounted bedrooms oldest marriages lineage (grandparents and parents.)

Characteristic features of this style are the many richly decorated, the roof, doors and windows. They reference the design geometry and nature.