Warta Residence in Gorzow Wielkopolski


This is only the emerging settlement 28 semi-detached houses, it would not be them can anything unusual if not design these houses, which refers to the best practices in the modernist architecture.

The project uses materials such as wood panels, concrete and brick. Roofs of buildings will be flat, provided a large glass from floor to ceiling.

Additionally, the entire settlement houses provided outstanding different kind of facade and window layout, which will constitute landmarks estate.

Revitalization Mill in Szamotuły

Revitalization Mill in Szamotuły was awarded nomination lump of the Year in 2015. This is an example for architectural use an already existing building. The old brick mill became the focal point of the concept of a new housing estate. Updated and supplemented with additional floor with a theme spike, which refers to the former destination of this place. Around the mill rise buildings with simple geometric block, this would not have overshadowed the mill, which after all is the most important point of the whole project.